Why I’m Happy With Tonight’s Stand-Up Set

Tonight I performed some bits that I’ve been working on and that I performed this past Saturday–and I’m thrilled with how it went. No, I didn’t kill. But to me that doesn’t matter.


My setlist for tonight.

When I watched the video of my Saturday set and saw myself perform, the biggest note I made was to improve my delivery. I got a lot of laughs on Saturday; that’s good. My delivery, though, makes me hesitant to share any of it. (I still will though.) I stumbled through a couple of words (literally skipped four words in a sentence at one point, and kept going), I rushed through some parts, and I didn’t have much inflection in my voice.

Going into tonight’s set, my goal was to not do any of that. I didn’t capture any video, but I did record the audio. I hardly made any of those mistakes; I sounded a lot better—like I’ve been doing this for awhile.

I added some new parts to the jokes I told on Saturday, and not all of them got a lot of laughs, and not all of them got laughs at all. One bit I told got dead silence, but on the recording I could hear one guy cackling loudly and to me that makes a joke worth it. I’d rather have one person love a joke than have a lot of people sort of like it, just a little bit.

I was especially pleased since I bombed horribly a week ago at the same venue (more on that in a future post). The second bit I did (first on my setlist) was the one I failed at last Thursday, although it’s a completely different bit than it was a week ago.

Another nice thing is that I don’t have to wonder if it’s my delivery when I listen to the recording again and hear silence. It’s my word choice, and all I have to do now is figure out if the audience doesn’t follow or it’s just not funny.


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