Hillary Clinton Not A Fan Of Laugh Factory Comics

The story that’s been the buzz among comedians today is a story that comes out of the Laugh Factory, where comedians took a jab at Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

The audience may have laughed, but apparently Hillary didn’t even crack a smile. Supposedly she didn’t even walk away in disgust. According to the Judicial Watch, Laugh Factory founder Jamie Masada was contacted by someone in the Hillary Clinton campaign. This person apparently threatened to shut down the Laugh Factory if a video of comics telling jokes at Hillary’s expense wasn’t taken down.

Hillary Clinton says that's not funny

Hillary Clinton was allegedly not amused by the jokes told by Laugh Factory comedians.

The person who contacted Jamie Masada is said to have asked for the contact info of the five comics who performed.

Now, there is a catch. And that catch is that these claims have been unsubstantiated. No one has verified that anyone from the Hillary campaign contacted Jamie Masada at all.

So we may have someone who could be our future president going after free speech. Yeah, the jokes were at her expense, but the comics still have every  right to say what they want. Afterall, it’s the ability to say what they want that allows them to be funny.

We may also have a club owner who is trying to either drum up some publicity or harm a politician’s chance at the presidency. Comedy can be a very powerful tool in advancing a cause; it should not be underestimated in that regard. If this is the case, it would definitely be abusing the power that comedy has.

Both scenarios seem odd to me. Hillary’s campaign demanding a video of a few jokes be taken down seems underhanded, but not that outlandish. However, asking for the contact information for the comics that performed? Now that seems far-fetched. As a comic on Reddit’s r/chess pointed out, if they wanted the comic’s contact info, they could just use Google to get it. Then we have the possibility that Jamie Masada fabricated the whole thing. As far as I know, he doesn’t have a history of doing this sort of thing and the Laugh Factory is doing fine. It also seems like it would be more productive to go to a Trump rally than make up a fake story if he is in fact not a Hillary supporter.

Whether or not the Hillary campaign contacted Jamie Masada or not, one thing we can agree on was that the jokes were funny (unless you’re a die-hard Hillary supporter I suppose). Hopefully we’ll find out if this actually happened in the next few days.

Here’s the video: (Language Warning)



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