A Lesson Learned About Being Biased Toward a Comic: Why I’m Now a Lachlan Patterson Fan

Lachlan Performs in NBC's Last Comic Standing

Lachlan Patterson performing on NBC’s Last Comic Standing

Like many comics, I watched Last Comic Standing on NBC. One of the comics that got my attention early on, during his second set, was Lachlan Patterson. He caught my eye because he did a bit about video games being made for women, and one of the lines he used was “hit the share feelings button.”

That line registered with me; I knew I had heard it before somewhere. My gut reaction was he must have ripped it off of someone, but it wasn’t because that’s what I automatically assume comics do, it was because there was already some buzz about jokes not being original on the show. Early this season, 2010 winner Felipe Esparza accused semifinalist Karlous Miller of essentially stealing his joke (The joke was about two Mexican guys getting into an accident and then fixing each other’s cars). I also saw a post on reddit where a guy claimed his friend’s joke was the same as one told by Joe Machi.

For the record I should say I don’t think any jokes were stolen, but it did make me a little suspicious of Patterson when he said what I knew to be a line I had heard before, and eventually I remembered I had heard it on Comedy Central’s Live at Gotham.

I should mention I watched the whole season except the last two episodes in one day. I say this because the more episodes I watched, the more I saw some charm to Patterson, which made me put the “share feelings button” line out of mind.

And during the final episode, I laughed at almost his entire set. He was my favorite to win of the final three comics. I went to Reddit after I watched the finale, and I saw a post that claimed Patterson’s late night cooking bit wasn’t original (I haven’t seen any evidence to back this up). I piped up that I thought the same about the video game for girls joke, and I went to investigate.

I found the Live at Gotham episode in question; it was Season 2, episode four, the one hosted by Gabriel Iglesias. I watched the clip and put an edit to the response I wrote on Reddit. This is what it said:

I found the clip, and I should have seen this coming. Yes, that bit was from Season 2 of Live at Gotham. Besides the video game bit, there was also the 3 am Cooking channel bit and the bit about the following programs containing nudity. The performer at Live at Gotham? Lachlan Patterson.

So basically I was holding a grudge against a guy for possibly lifting his own joke. Ugh, that’s no good. Why didn’t I look into it right away? I could’ve enjoyed his comedy on the show, knowing the material was indeed his own. I think I was biased because I loved the video game for girls bit; it’s a bit that has stood out to me among a lot of other bits that I’ve heard over the years. Anyway, I’m glad the joke is in fact Patterson’s, and I can’t wait to see what he’s going to do next now that Last Comic Standing is over.

Lachlan Patterson in Live at Gotham

Lachlan Patterson performing in Season 2 of Comedy Central’s Live at Gotham


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