Why Men Comics Are Funnier Than Women Comics: It’s Not What You Think

I will often hear someone say offhand that they think men comics are funnier than their female counterparts. Women usually get offended, and rightly so, when this comes up because the implication is usually that men are funnier than women. That is not true.

I know I just said male comics were funnier; I’m not going to pretend I didn’t, but there’s actually a logical reason for this phenomenon that doesn’t stem from some notion that men are biologically funnier than women. This reason was explained to me be a comedian who has been in the business for about thirty years.

Take any male comic and any female comic from any random open mic with the same amount of experience. The odds are they will be about the same. Sometimes you might get a woman who’s funnier; sometimes you’ll get a man who’s funnier. Statistically, it should be equal.

However, there are simply a lot more men in comedy than women. There are a ton of reasons for this: they may see comedy as impractical and choose to pursue other hobbies, they may be less likely to want to get up on stage and bomb (all comics do this), they may be subject to sexism, and the list goes on. Despite having far fewer female comics than male comics, there is still a relatively high demand percentage-wise for female comics.

To represent this, let’s just say 10% of all comics are women and 90% are men. I assume these numbers are wrong; I’m making them up to prove a point. Anyway, Even though women only make up 10% of the comics, there is a demand proportionate to them making up 20% of all comedians. This demand comes from television, clubs, and other places that hire comics.

Basically, when male comics are being hired, the employer is choosing from a very large pool of talent for their slots, but they are choosing from a much smaller pool for women’s spots. With so many more male comics to choose from, it’s more likely to find a quality performer. Since the pool of women comics is much smaller, the odds of finding the same level of talent isn’t as great.

So that’s why this phenomenon exists. I hope you learned something, and I hope you don’t hate me too much.


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