How to Write Too Much Comedy by Writing Too Little

Write comedy every day; that’s the comedian’s standard. Carry a notebook with you at all times in case inspiration strikes, Make time to write even if you aren’t inspired, and do your best to live a life that gives you inspiration. Even when you, as a comic, do this, it sometimes isn’t enough.

I’ve had this problem. I’ve taken note and written down ideas when inspiration has struck, I’ve made time to write despite my hectic schedule, and I’ve done my best to live a somewhat interesting life (hence the hectic schedule). And yet I have a bunch of “meh” bits from a bunch of should-be-halfway-decent ideas.

My problem is that I’ve solely been writing new material. There’s nothing wrong with coming up with new material; that’s great if you do. But don’t be like me. Take the time to take that new material and polish it by cutting out unfunny parts, inserting new jokes, and seeing if you can replace some jokes with funnier alternatives.

When you write too many new ideas without taking the time to make them into usable material, that’s how you can write too much comedy by writing too little. Remember, it’s better to have one decent bit than a bunch of lousy ones.

One final parting note: This article was written as much for me as anyone else, haha.


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