Good News! Viacom Expands Its Comedy Central Brand to SiriusXM Radio

Viacom and Sirius have reached an agreement to add a Comedy Central station to  SiriusXM’s lineup.  While the deal has already gone through, the Comedy Central station will not appear until sometime this Spring–there’s speculation that it will be April Fool’s Day.

Now, Comedy Central’s channel will be joining SiriusXM’s existing comedy lineup that includes channels such as Howard Stern, Blue Collar Comedy, and Raw Dog.  What will be different about the Comedy Central station (and this is what I really like) is that they are hoping to be able to cover some major events such as comedy festivals–live I might add.

What will can you expect on the Comedy Central channel?  Well, reportedly there’s over 30,000 minutes of stand-up material that will be used.  Programs like Comedy Central Presents, Premium Blend, and some roasts of celebrities will be aired.  Perhaps other stand up programs, like Live at Gotham or The Half Hour, will air as well.  There is no way of knowing if they will be added as they have not yet been mentioned.

Unfortunately, some of Comedy Central’s biggest names will not be making it to the channel, so if you were ecstatic about the possibility of Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, or even the creators of South Park being on this station, well, be prepared to be a bit disappointed. The reason they won’t be on the radio is that, according to Mitch Fried, executive vice president of enterprises at Comedy Central, their programs are mostly visual and won’t translate well to radio.  That being said, however, I wouldn’t be surprised if some clips of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert somehow made it onto the station.  After all, their interviews aren’t as visual as the rest of their programs.

Viacom also plans on expanding its Comedy Central brand in other ways.  One such possible way would be to certify comedy clubs.  I have no way of knowing the exact implications this will have, but it will probably be a good thing for comics that are able to perform (well) at such venues.




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