Comedy Makes Good Entertainment, Medicine, and…Politics? Comedian Stephen Colbert Leads South Carolina Poll for Replacement U.S. Senator.

Comedian and host of The Colbert Report on Comedy Central, Stephen Colbert, appears to be the favored candidate to replace current senator, Jim DeMint.  A new poll shows that 20% of South Carolina folks favor Colbert, which puts him in the lead!  Now, I’m sure there are plenty of people out there that think this is ridiculous since Stephen has no political experience.  I’m also sure there are plenty of you that think this is a good thing.  Me?  I’m not too sure.  I’m going to have to make a pros and cons list.


Stephen Colbert Does Have Political Experience!

He may not have been on any councils or a governor, but Colbert has been on ballots before and created his own Super PAC for the 2012 presidential election.  The man reports on politic news just about every day; he knows what’s going on in the world.

If Wrestlers and Actors Can be Politicians, so Can Comedians!

Did Jesse Ventura or Arnold Schwarzenegger have any credentials for office?  Nope.  Yet they won anyways.  If you think Stephen Colbert doesn’t actually report the news, then my argument is this:  Jesse Ventura didn’t actually fight anyone when he was a wrestler.  What?  You say Colbert is just a character?  Hello!  What did Arnold do for a living besides bodybuilding?

C-Span, and Politics in General, Could Become More Fun to Watch.

Colbert is an entertaining man, and this could lead to more interest in politics.  Wouldn’t it be nice if, instead of turning on reality TV garbage, people start tuning into C-Span one and two?


Stephen Colbert is a Character, so We Won’t Know Who is Actually Being Elected

Yes, with most politicians there’s a history of corruption that enables you to know to expect.  With Colbert, however, we could be in for a (buh bum bah) honest politician!

Colbert may Keep Bears as the Number One Threat to America

If Stephen actually holds office, he’ll be in the real world and have to take care of real issues.  Bears, therefore, will have to be moved to the number two spot or lower in Colbert’s Threat Down.  Unless that’s what bears want us to think…

The Colbert Show May Go Off the Air!

With a political career, Stephen may not have time to do his show on top of holding office.  However, as noted above, the Colbert Report may just move from Comedy Central to C-Span.  And, if worst comes to worst, there’s still be the Daily Show with John Stewart–even if Wyatt Cenac is leaving.


I don’t see anything wrong with electing Stephen Colbert to replace Jim DeMint for South Carolina’s senatorial seat.  Sure, he may not be ideal, but then again, who really is?


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