Update: Viacom Blunders By Airing Direct TV (Comedy Central) Shows on the Internet

Direct TV's Notice to Customers About Dropping Viacom Channels.

Notice Direct TV Customers get on Viacom Channels. Picture taken from http://www.northescambia.com

At first, Viacom putting Comedy Central shows like “The Daily Show” and the Colbert Report,” which were dropped by Direct TV, on the internet seems like a good thing.  If you have Direct TV you can watch these shows again.  And if you’re like me and you don’t have cable at all, you throw your hands to the sky and yell  “hurray free programming!”  Maybe you’re less enthusiastic about it, but that’s your call.

So, doesn’t everyone win here?  No, not Viacom.  They want people to drop Direct TV like the the 26 channels that are no longer there and switch cable providers.  With these shows on the internet, however, that will be less likely for people to do.

Reason 1: When Viacom channels were dropped from Direct TV, who were people mad at?  You’re right, it was Direct TV.  That’s who people were paying for their television programming, so when channels like Comedy Central and Nickelodeon went away people complained to the people they were paying for those channels.

Viacom is hoping for positive PR from this, but what honestly good PR can’t do much since customers don’t deal directly with them.  All it’s going to really do is make people forget the frustration of not having those channels and watching their favorite programs.  It was this frustration that was going to get them to drop Direct TV and go with someone else.

 Reason 2: These shows are already on the internet.  As I mentioned in a previous  post, there are already many places to find these shows online.  Viacom’s online streams are higher quality, and you don’t have to remember to update to the latest version of Norton’s.

Screenshot From the Daily Show's Website

This Screenshot, taken from The Daily Show’s website on Comedy Central, shows an ad to persuade people to leave Direct TV.

For the Daily Show click here:
For the Colbert Report click here:

Just remember to click “Full Episodes” once you follow the links.  And, also remember that Comedy Central is owned by Viacom when you see the add to switch your providers away from Direct TV.  As long as your favorite shows are on the web, you won’t have to.


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