Prediction: Direct TV Will Be the Loser After Dropping Comedy Central. Viacom Not Hurt.

Comedy Central Facebook Screen Shot

Comedy Central made this post on their Facebook page as a result of getting dropped from Direct TV as a result of Direct TV’s dispute with Viacom.

Comedy Central has been dropped from Direct TV’s channels along with a host of other channels owned by Viacom.  The reason for the drop in channels is a dispute between the two companies.  Viacom wants to charge Direct TV more for its channels and Direct TV is refusing to pay the extra fees (which would be transferred to their customers)–instead saying their customers should be able to pay a la cart for the channels they want.

If I were Direct TV, I would be trying desperately to reach an agreement.  Why?  Here are my reasons.

  • People need these channels.  Okay, so maybe they don’t need them, but people that watched them will have to make drastic lifestyle changes now that they don’t have them.
    -People that watched Comedy Central will have to settle for CBS’s nightly sitcom lineup.
    -And, with MTV gone, how will Teens learn what’s cool?
    -And, with CMT gone, what will people in Nashville do?
  • That thing called the internet.  Maybe you’ve heard of it, or maybe you have no idea how you got here, but there are plenty of places on the internet to find TV shows–though some may require a good anti-virus program.  A couple such sites are Project Free TV and Watch Series.
    -Note:  I’m assuming the sites are legal and that the pop-up ads are paying for the rights to stream the shows.  Comedy Central’s site does link to full episodes, though at the time of writing this, it is currently down (at least it was when I tried to watch an episode of the Colbert Report).
  • Time Warner Cable!  Everyone’s favorite cable provider!  If you currently have Direct TV and switch, Time Warner always has deals for people that subscribe to their service.  Right now they’re offering cable, internet, and phone for only $89.99 a month!  Heck, they’ll even throw in HBO and Cinemax free for 3 months!

Disclaimer:  Time Warner Cable is currently my provider.  Oh, and yeah, they still have Viacom channels.

The demand is still high for Viacom channels, and people are still very much willing to pay for them.  If Viacom wants to charge more for those channels, they’re going to charge all the providers more to carry them, not just Direct TV.  

There isn’t much difference when it comes to companies that provide TV service.  Traditionally the main difference has been price.  Now, for about the same price, the only difference between Direct TV and it’s competition is that now Direct TV doesn’t provide one, or more, of your favorite channels.

This is the Video Posted on Comedy Central’s Facebook Page.


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