Stand Up Comedy: First Time on Stage and Etiquette: Oberservations From An Open Mic (Part 3)

Ok, so we have the new comedian who went on stage drunk, got heckled, and got insulted by the following comedian.  This post is about the first-timer getting insulted by the following comedian.

The story:

After the comedians first time on stage, the next comedian came up, with coffee in hand, and had this to say:

“Woah, did you see that guy?  I wonder if he’s still around–talk about a numb nuts.”

Meanwhile the first-time comedian was sitting in the back of the audience watching the rest of the show with his friends and said “I’m still here.”

The following comedian then proceeded to say “Yeah I don’t give a (explitive).”

Thought for the Day: Don’t Insult other Comedians

As I mentioned in Part 2 of this series, I asked the good folk on Reddit’s r/standupcomedy what they thought of this after I told them the story.  They had a big problem with the comedian that followed “numb nuts” first time on stage.  The following are quotes from a few of the responses I got:

  • “On the other issue, one comic should NEVER EVER make any kind of negative remark regarding another comic…”
  • (About the following comic’s choice of nickname) “Numb nuts? Sounds like a quality comic.”
  • “If it’s his first time you want to be nice, they could be huge one day–could not be, but be nice for them anyways.”
  • “Yeah, my beef is with the next comic. He can go (explitive) himself.”
  • “…However. the next comedian was a supreme douche.  Like he was so (explitive) good when he first started out…”

I got one comment saying something to the effect of “you shouldn’t take anything a comic says on stage seriously,” but other than that, all the comments were negative to the following comic.  Basically, the moral of the story is that you, as a comedian have two options–ether you can make yourself look better by telling good jokes, or you can make others look worse by putting theirs down.  And you must choose one or the other, because the two are mutually exclusive.


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