Stand Up Comedy: First Time on Stage and Etiquette: Oberservations From An Open Mic (Part 2)

So, I’m continuing my observations on a new comic that performed for the first time at an open mic this past Sunday.  The comic went on stage drunk to perform.  He started off relatively coherent, but as the set progressed he began to yell into the mic and lose all sense of coherency.

The guy running the open mic gave him the light (meaning time was almost up), cutting his set short.  Before the set could end, however, the comic got heckled by a woman in the audience.

Now, I don’t believe anyone should be heckling a stand up comedian who’s going on stage for the first time.  I consulted with the good folks at r/standupcomedy on Reddit, and the response I got from comedians there came to a conclusion.  They weren’t that bothered by the heckling, and actually were more bothered by what another comic said–that’s the topic for the next post.

The comedians on Reddit said that they didn’t think heckling was appropriate ever.  They said, however, that it’s bound to happen, so the comic needs to learn to deal with it.  The fact that it was the comic’s first time on stage had nothing to do with whether or not the heckling was appropriate.

There was one reason though, that the comic shouldn’t have been heckled; he was drunk.  He got caught up trying to respond back and forth with the woman in the audience, and that really disrupted the show.  A sober comic probably would have either made just one smart remark, or just ignored the woman altogether–which probably would have been best.

Next post will be on what the next comic coming to the stage had to say about the first time comedian that went on stage drunk.


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